Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday. [Only 2more Days]

Well we are all here cleaning and typee chillin. I had class onece again && it was my last. Finally there are only 2 more dayss of SYEP. Yayyy mad happy. But anywayss the job was fun throughout the summer. I didn't really get people to really know me & didn't show them who I really was. I did have fun a lil bit with them though. We were a winning team and we still are. NEWSEUM is who we are. Peaceee !!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a Day.

Ohhh man. Presentation was poppin today. I actually liked thiss presentation. We was practicingg for like 2 hours, and itss was boring. My other teammates was like "Charlene, youre makingg me bored, SPEAK LOUDER !" I can't fckn help it if i dont speak loud enough. I hate speaking loud, I dont even like the way I talk, I sound like a young man-lady. Seriously. But anyway the presentation went well && we had hoped we won but we didn't. It'ss okay though, we was a winning team, and we are still a team. We win some, we lose some. It'ss okay though. GO NEWSEUM ! All of was acting out the Maury Show & American Idol, & its wass so funny. It would've been better if somebody video taped it. Awww man, it would've been overr. lol But we had fun anywayss, we could take a lost. At least we worked hard & did our part. We would likee to thank the judges for supporting our team & watchingg our presentation.

the end has come

well peeps we r at de end. it has come to say well done. that being said i am happy because i can finally focus on getting my travel class homework and get ready for culinary school. today i am going to bloomberg studios and then i have a presentation at columbia which i have confidence we will win if we dont fool around. i am kinda nervous because i have top talk to the judges again which to me is not an easy task b/c i tend to get nervous and shake alot. afterwards i would like top take a ride and film times square after dark for my travel class homework. plus i need to start getting ready for my trip i would like to take be4 de summer iz done but anyways i got to email party of my homework so wes iz out peace

Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy Mondayy.

Yoooo. I really didnt want to go to work today. Madd busyy. I had to do a 5-paragraphh essay about what I learned at Harlemlive & 2-paragraphh essay about myself. Come on, you know how many timess I hatee writingg about myself? It's too muchh work. Mind you, I aint even finishh bothh of my essays, so what was I suppose to do? Had no time to even finishh cuzz everybodyy rushing me to do something else. We was practicingg for our "final" presentation. Over & Over & Over. I mean it was typee funn. But I think we gonna win tmmrw if we step it up.


Ohhh hell nooo. My weekend was horriblee. The worst weekend ever. Now people know why I go to Bklyn EVERY weekend!!! I had to babysit my sister's twoo devil kidss in thee BRONX. [I hate going to thee BRONX.] I swear I be wishingg they was never my neice & nepheww. Seriouslyy. Well shit I did get paid for it so I aint complainingg about money comingg to me. But thesee kidss are hard-headed to the fullest likee they never fckn listen to me. NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made a deal to my sister if I was gonna be doing this babysitting, she better pick me up from house & take me backk home the NEXT day. But no, she hadd to keep there till Sunday, && she dropss me off at the train station. How rude of her ! I wass really pissed that day when I had to go home by myself on the train. Man I said fck her & she better not call me again for this shit. Deadass !
Soooo, i wanna go home. I hate this heat. i wanna dive in the water omggggg

Anywayss, my weekend was pretty good. I slept over my best friends house last friday and i spent the whole day with her on saturday. Then yesterday I was at my stepfathers boat with my Boyfriend and family. it was pretty cool. Even though it was cloudy outside, i didnt care, i enjoy cool weather. But i was freezing in the water. But overall it was niceee.

well i wanna go homee.

August 10,2009 (hottest dyy everrrrr]

Heyyyyy bloggers :). OK so we just came back from taking pictures. Its very hot so me and Sade are sitting down outside. My weekend was VERY fun. I went to the pool on Saturday and to the movies. So i heard that we lost o Friday and that the red team won -____-. But t doesn't matter because we won A LOT and tomorrow we are going to win !!!!! Our video was great and so was our presentation but i guess that there's was better -______-. But right now we're preparing for tomorrow. Soo I'll ttyl :D